Water Negotiations and Investment Planning Support- 'NIPS' Project

Agglomerations/ Water Supply Zones

Status of Task

Considerations on starting the training courses

According to the ToR (paragraph 6.1) the DSIPs (Result 2), the NSMS (Result 3) and the investment programme (Result 4) would need to be substantially complete before finalising the TNA.

This proposal is based on the assumption, that the training would be primarily focused on technical issues. However – in the course of the initial six months of the project the following insight could be gained:

In the situation and institutional setup of Albania, successful implementation depends far more upon being able to master such disciplines as resource estimation, resource management, change management and programme management than it does upon any specific measures likely to be included in the DSIPs, the NSMS and the investment programme.

(It should be noted that much of the technical material needed would be covered by the seminars and working groups already planned for Results 2 and 3.)

–> This means, that there are a range of essential skills, which are known to be lacking in this Project’s main beneficiary institutions, and which could be addressed by a curriculum that could be launched even while the key strategic documents are still being developed.

Based upon these principles, a training concept has been developed (10th December 2021) and delivered to AKUM for further consideration and discussion. Next steps will be decided in near future.

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