Water Negotiations and Investment Planning Support- 'NIPS' Project

Agglomerations/ Water Supply Zones

Status of Task

Scope and expected results of Task 5

Main scope of Result 5 refers to the legislation needed to enable the completion of the transposition of the DWD and the UWWTD. The key word here is ‘enable’: merely transposing the Directives into Albanian law does not guarantee that they would be implemented in compliance with EU requirements. This is why the ToR refer correctly to the legal instruments that might be needed in order that implementation measures can proceed in compliance with Albanian law.

Implementation and completion of Task 5

The following activities have been executed to achieve Result nr. 5:

  • The plan of legal approximation to enable the completion of the transposition of Drinking Water Directive and waste water treatment directive was completed (as part of the DSIPs- Result 2, and of NSMS- Result 3) in the present reporting period. A programme of legislative developments detailing legal actions needed and costs has been incorporated into the final versions of the DSIPs.
  • The comments provided by the relevant stakeholders during the Seminar for DSIPs presentation of January 2023 were incorporated in the final versions of DSIPs and NSMS (Result 2 and 3).
  • To complete the tasks under result nr. 5, the plan of legal assistance was prepared and delivered to AKUM on 08th of May 2023. The plan of legal assistance was developed in an excel chart, according to the template used from MIE for Reporting/Planning of the Legal acts; the plan includes the legal references/basis, and key justification on the amendments to be carried out in accordance with the analysis of legal gaps and arrangements indicated by the DSIPs.

By the finalization of the plan of legal assistance and its submission to AKUM on 8th of May 2023, no further comments were received and thus the task nr. 5 is completed.

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