Water Negotiations and Investment Planning Support- 'NIPS' Project

Agglomerations/ Water Supply Zones
Direct Partners and Beneficiaries
National Agency of Water Supply, Sewerage and Waste Infrastructure (AKUM)

The National Agency for Water Supply and Sewerage and Waste Infrastructure is the only state body specialized in the field of drinking water supply, sewage and white water and their treatment (water infrastructure). It technically supports the policies of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, in accordance with the legislation and policies of the Government set out in the sector strategies.

The role of AKUM in the field of its activity is to realize through its legal and technical authority, the coordination and monitoring of the activity for the provision of water supply, sewage of used water and their treatment for the entire population of the country, in cooperation with local governments and water infrastructure management entities.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy of Albania

The mission of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy is to draft and implement the general state policy, in the sector of urban planning and development, in the sector of infrastructure and transport, in the sector of telecommunication and postal service, in the sector of energy, use of energy resources and mining and industry sector.

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