Water Negotiations and Investment Planning Support- 'NIPS' Project

Agglomerations/ Water Supply Zones

Our Team

Core Project Team

Massimo Gacci

Team leader and strategic planning expert

Friedrich Holzmann

Principal water expert and investment planner
(Key expert Task 1 and Task 2)

Dirk Matzke

Principal sludge management expert and strategic planner 
(Key expert Task 3)

Elena Stefanoni

Senior lawyer 
(Lead expert Task 5)

Mehrdad Rai

Senior Economist

Simone Milanolo

Senior wastewater engineer 
(Senior expert Tasks 2 and 3)

David Heywood

Senior Environmental Expert

Nemanja Branislavljević

Senior GIS Expert

Ulrich Roth

Senior Visibility and Communications Expert

Laert Shehu

Deputy Team Leader

Odesa Miho

GIS and Mapping Expert

Aulona Hazbiu


Erjona Bajraktari

Environmental and Social Expert

Gentian Muçollari


Alba Kekezi

Visibility and Communications Expert

Backstopping Team

Wilhelm Tischendorf

Project Director, SETEC

Catherine Tinseau


Olaf Newe

Project Director, SWECO

Valerie Chen


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